ACT math practice test 11

1. If the equation for the line shown in the following graph is , what is the value of kn?

A. 9
B. 12
C. 15
D. 18
E. 24

2. Alfred and Rani both picked different two-digit numbers. If you multiply Alfred’s number by 5 and double Rani’s number, the sum is 300. If you double Alfred’s number and multiply Rani’s number by 3, the sum of the two numbers is 252. What is the sum of their two numbers?

F. 96
G. 112
H. 128
J. 144
K. 150

3. What is the equation for a line that intersects the origin and is perpendicular to 2x– 4y= 13?

A. y= –2
B. y= 2x
C. y= –2x

4. This semester, Gerry scored an average of 93 on his five history exams. He got the same score on his first two exams, and then he got a 94, an 85, and a 90 on the remaining exams. What score did he receive on his first two exams?

F. 95
G. 96
H. 97
J. 98
K. 99

5. What is the value of x if ?

A. 17
B. –17
C. 29
D. –29
E. Cannot be determined from the information given.

6. A scientist performs an experiment in which she measures four values two times each, with the following results:

F. 0.5
G. 1
H. π
J. 2π
K. 4π

7. Which of the following is the amplitude of the function shown in the following graph?

A. 0.5
B. 1
C. π
D. 2π
E. 4π

8. In the following figure, O is the center of the circle, is tangent to the circle at D,and is tangent to the circle at E.Which of the following must be true?

G. is isosceles
K. is a square

9. If g(x) is a transformation that moves f(x) three units to the right and then reflects it across the x-axis, then g(x) =

A. f(–x) + 3
B. f(–x) – 3
C. f(x) + 3
D. –f(x+ 3)
E. –f(x– 3)

10. The following figure shows the graph of an equation y= ax2+ bx+ c.Which of the answer choices CANNOT be true?

F. a< b
G. a> b
H. a< c
J. b< c
K. b> c

11. Which of the following is the domain of the function ?

A. –3 > x> 3
B. –3 x3
C. –3 x< 3
D. x< –3 or x< 3
E. x–3 or x3

12. If a number sequence begins 1, 3, 4, 6, 7, 9, 10, 12 . . ., which of the following numbers does NOT appear in the sequence?

F. 34
G. 43
H. 57
J. 65
K. 72

13. A two-digit number from 10 to 99, inclusive, is chosen at random. What is the probability that this number is divisible by 5?


14. What is the area of the shaded region in the following figure?

F. 10.5
G. 12.5
H. 18
J. 21
K. 24

15. An isosceles triangle contains three angles that measure 40°, x°, and y°. Which of the following CANNOT be true?

A. x= y
B. x= 50
C. xy= 60
D. x= 70
E. x= 100