ACT math practice test 13

1. On a level field, a telephone pole 24 feet tall casts a shadow 6 feet long, and at the same time of day, another nearby telephone pole casts a shadow 18 feet long. How many feet tall is the second telephone pole?

A. 6
B. 12
C. 24
D. 36
E. 72

2. The membership fees for WebFilms consist of a monthly charge of $14 and a one-time new-member fee of $16. Sherwood made a credit card payment of $100 to pay his WebFilms fees for a certain number of months, including the new-member fee. How many months of membership did Sherwood include in his credit card payment?

F. 4
G. 6
H. 7
J. 12
K. 14

3. If y = -6, what is the value of ?

A. -8
B. -4
C. 4
D. 9
E. 12

4. A school offered its students an optional field trip. If 15 or fewer students went on the field trip, the charge for each student would be $11.50. If more than 15 students chose to go on the field trip, the charge for each student would be $10.25. 18 students opted to go on the tour, but each pre-paid $11.50. The students agreed to put the extra amount toward dinner on the trip. How much total money will be put toward dinner on the trip?

F. $12.50
G. $14.75
H. $21.75
J. $22.50
K. $33.00

5. A 16-piece orchestra wants to choose one of its members to speak at performances. They decide that this member CANNOT be one of the 4 soloists in the group. What is the probability that Itzhak, who is NOT a soloist, will be chosen as the speaker?

A. 0

6. What is the perimeter, in feet, of a rectangle with width 8 feet and length 17 feet?

F. 25
G. 34
H. 50
J. 136
K. 272

7. Passes to the Renaissance Faire cost $9 when purchased online and $12 when purchased in person. The group sponsoring the fair would like to make at least $4,000 from sales of passes. If 240 passes were sold online, what is the minimum number of tickets that must be sold in person in order for the group to meet its goal?

A. 153
B. 154
C. 290
D. 334
E. 445

8. For what value of q is the equation true?

F. 3
G. 5
H. 13
J. 15
K. 19

9. If -9(y - 13) = 16, then y = ?

A. -
B. -
C. -
D. -

10. In the figure below, F, G, H, and J are collinear. , , and are line segments of equivalent length, and the measure of JHK is 120°. What is the degree measure of GFK?

F. 30°
G. 45°
H. 60°
J. 120°
K. 150°

11. If f(x) = 7x2 - 9x + 4, then f(-3) = ?

A. -32
B. -2
C. 32
D. 40
E. 94

12. What is the least common multiple of 25, 16, and 40?

F. 27
G. 32
H. 320
J. 400
K. 16,000

13. While working on a problem on his calculator, Tex had meant to multiply a number by 3, but he accidentally divided the number by 3. Which of the following calculations could Tex then do to the result on the screen in order to obtain the result he originally wanted?

A. Multiply by 3
B. Multiply by 9
C. Divide by 3
D. Divide by 9
E. Add the original number

14. The 8-sided figure below is divided into 12 congruent isosceles right triangles. The total area of the 12 triangles is 96 square centimeters. What is the perimeter, in centimeters, of the figure?

F. 8
G. 20 + 4
H. 48
J. 40 + 8
K. 56

15. In ΔXYZ, Y is a right angle and Z measures less than 52°. Which of the following phrases best describes the measure of X?

A. Greater than 38°
B. Equal to 38°
C. Equal to 45°
D. Equal to 142°
E. Less than 38°