ACT math practice test 25

1. Which of the following expressions is equivalent to 2a + 4b + 6c?

A. 8(a + b + c)
B. 2(a + 2b) + 3c
C. 2(a + 4b + 6c)
D. 2(a + 2b + 6c)
E. 2(a + 2b + 3c)

2. When written in symbols, "The square of the product of a and b" is represented as:

F. ab
G. ab2
H. (ab)2
J. a2b
K. (a2b2)2

3. Every week, Donald records the amount of mileage that has accumulated on his truck. On Monday, Donald recorded that he had driven 16,450 kilometers. After a week of deliveries, his new recording was 18,130 kilometers. He drove for thirty hours during that week. What was his average driving speed during that week to the nearest kilometer per hour?

A. 38
B. 41
C. 48
D. 56
E. 59

4. The dimensions of a block of cheese are 12 inches by 3 inches by 3 inches. What is the volume, in cubic inches, of the block of cheese?

F. 18
G. 36
H. 45
J. 72
K. 108

5. If x is a real number and 3x = 81, then 3 × 2x =?

A. 3
B. 16
C. 24
D. 48
E. 81

6. For the songs on Charlie's mp3 player, the ratio of folk songs to rock songs is 3:11. Which of the following statements about the songs on his mp3 player is(are) true?

I. There are fewer folk songs than rock songs.

II. For every 11 rock songs, there are 3 folk songs.

III. Folk songs comprise of the songs on Charlie's mp3 player.

F. I only
G. II only
H. I and II only
J. II and III only
K. I, II, and III

7. Matt needs gallons of hydrochloric acid for an experiment. He has gallons already. How many more gallons of hydrochloric acid does Matt need?


8. As shown below, the diagonals of rectangle EFGH intersect at the point (-2,-4) in the standard (x,y) coordinate plane. Point F is at (-7,-2). Which of the following are the coordinates of H?

G. (-7,-6)
H. (3,-2)
J. (3,-6)
K. (-5,3)

9. Which of the following expressions is equivalent to ?

A. 9x + 5
B. x + 45
C. x + 5
D. 6x
E. 45x

10. The expression 23fg - 6f(5f +3g) is equivalent to:

F. 5fg - 30f2
G. 25fg
H. 3g - 7fg
J. 41fg - 30f2
K. 30f2 - 5fg

11. A farmer sells strawberries at a market in both pint-sized containers and quart-sized containers. The farmer charges $3 for each pint, $5 for each quart, is always paid on the day of purchase, and sells no other goods. On a recent day, the farmer sold as many pint containers as quart containers and received $120 in sales. How many pints of strawberries did the farmer sell?

A. 12
B. 15
C. 24
D. 40
E. 50

12. A rectangular piece of cloth has a length of 6 feet and a width of 1.5 feet. Brad estimates that the area is 12 square feet. His estimate is approximately what percent greater than the actual area?

F. 75%
G. 66%
H. 33%
J. 25%
K. 17%

13. The geometric mean of 3 positive numbers is the cube root of the product of the 3 numbers. What is the geometric mean of 2, 4, and 27?

A. 6
B. 11
C. 21
D. 72
E. 216

14. A model for the number of questions on an assignment, when the assignment is worth p points, is q = . According to this model, what is the number of questions, q, for an assignment worth 80 points?

F. 128
G. 26
H. 80
J. 13
K. 3

15. The expression x2 + 2x - 15 can be written as the product of 2 binomials with integer coefficients. One of the binomials is (x + 5). Which of the following is the other binomial?

A. (x2 - 3)
B. (x2 + 3)
C. (x - 3)
D. (x + 3)
E. (x - 5)