ACT math practice test 30

1. At Blackstone Café, a regular entrée costs $18.00 while an entrée off the children's menu costs less. Cliff treats his niece to dinner at the café and spends of a gift certificate on her children's entrée and a drink. Afterwards, she orders a $6.00 dessert and he pays for that as well. When Cliff has paid for all of his niece's food, he has exactly enough money left on the gift certificate to pay for his regular entrée. How much money was the gift certificate worth?

F. $34.00
G. $35.00
H. $36.00
J. $37.00
K. $38.00

2. In June, Ms. Kunkel gave her English students 15 books to read over the summer. When classes resumed in September, she asked them what percentage of the books they had finished. Only one of the following values represents a possible percentage of books a student could have completed. Which one is it?

A. 65%
B. 68%
C. 70%
D. 80%
E. 85%

3. A geometric sequence has as its first 4 terms, -0.125, 1, -8, and 64. What is the 5th term of this sequence?

F. 512
G. 73
H. -55
J. -73
K. -512

4. Which of the following is equivalent to (a - 5b)2?

A. 2a - 10b
B. a2 - 25b2
C. a2 - 10ab + 25b2
D. a2 - 12ab + 25b2
E. a2 - 25ab + 25b2

5. As shown in the figure below, Tony has determined that he must ride his skateboard down a long ramp to be able to jump a shorter ramp with enough time to complete a new trick. First, he needs to determine the dimensions of both the shorter and longer ramps. Tony is on his skateboard at point K, 20 feet above the ground. He then notes that the vertical height of the shorter ramp is 6 feet above the ground, and the length of the shorter ramp is 9 feet. Approximately how many feet long is the longer ramp?

(Note: In FKG and HJG, FGK is congruent to HGJ.

F. 3
G. 12
H. 15
J. 30
K. 35

6. What is the solution to the equation 9x - (3x - 1) = 3?

A. -3
B. -
E. 3

7. The area of ABC below is 54 square meters. If altitude is 9 meters long, how long is AC, in meters?

F. 3
G. 6
H. 9
J. 12
K. 15

8. Given g(x) = 4x2 - 8x + 2, what is the value of g(-5)?

A. 442
B. 142
C. 67
D. -58
E. -138

9. A company will reimburse its employees' personal expenses on weekend business trips. It will reimburse $0.80 for every $1.00 an employee spends, up to $100.00. For the next $200 an employee spends, the company will reimburse $0.70 for every $1.00 spent. For each additional dollar spent, the company will reimburse $0.60. If an employee was reimbursed $400.00, approximately how many dollars must she have spent on a weekend business trip?

F. 667
G. 600
H. 500
J. 400
K. 367

10. The following table shows the ages of all the attendees of Camp Wannaboggin.

What percent of the Wannaboggin campers are at least 11 years old?

A. 34%
B. 45%
C. 50%
D. 55%
E. 66%

11. What percent of is ?

F. 13%
G. 20%
H. 55%
J. 63%
K. 500%

12. The newspaper headline below tells about a power outage. If there are 63,000 residences in Springfield, how many residences were affected by the outage?

A. 10,500
B. 21,000
C. 31,500
D. 42,000
E. 62,995

13. The ratio of a side of square X to the length of rectangle Z is 3:4. The ratio of a side of square X to the width of rectangle Z is 3:2. What is the ratio of the area of square X to the area of rectangle Z?

F. 1:01
G. 2:01
H. 3:02
J. 9:04
K. 9:08

14. In her Algebra II class, Mrs. Pemdas writes the following statement on the board: "a varies inversely as the product of b2 and c, and directly as d3." She then asks her students to translate the statement into an equation. Which of the following equations, with k as the constant of proportionality, is a correct translation of Mrs. Pemdas's statement?

E. a = kb2 cd2

15. In a certain isosceles triangle, the measure of the vertex angle is four times the measure of each of the base angles. What is the measure, in degrees, of the vertex angle?

F. 30°
G. 45°
H. 60°
J. 120°
K. 150°