ACT math practice test 50

1. Let image. What happens to the value of z as both x and y are doubled?

F. z remains the same
G. z doubles
H. z decreases by image
J. z quadruples
K. z decreases by a factor of image

2. If image, then which of the following is true?

A. w > 0
B. T > 0
C. m > 0
D. wt > 0
E. tm > 0

3. Which of the following is equivalent to image?

F. log (2x + imagey - 4z)?
G. log (x2z4image)
H. image
J. image
K. log (2x2yz)

4. Given the following table, find f(g(2)):


A. -15
B. -10
C. 0
D. 3
E. 6

5. The number of fish, p, a small pond can sustain varies inversely with the square root of the amount of predators, q, in the pond. If a pond with 49 predators can sustain a population of 800 fish, how many fish could a pond with 100 predators sustain?

F. 560
G. 600
H. 650
J. 1,600
K. 2,000

6. Points P(1, 1) and Q(x, x2) lie in the standard (x, y) coordinate plane. Which of the following is an expression for the slope between points P and Q when x > 5?

A. 0
B. image
C. x + 1
D. image
E. Undefined

7. Which of the following expressions is equivalent to image?

F. 3x - 7
G. 3x - 5
H. 3x - 3
J. 3x - 1
K. 1

8. What fraction is located exactly halfway between image and image on the standard number line?

A. image
B. image
C. image
D. image
E. image

9. Mike has taken 4 tests in algebra so far. His average after 4 tests is 85%. If he has not received a grade lower than 80% on any tests, what is the highest possible score Mike could have achieved on one test?

F. 96%
G. 97%
H. 98%
J. 99%
K. 100%

10. Given |x - 3| > x - 3, what is the solution set for the inequality?

A. x > 3
B. x < 3
C. x > 0
D. x < 0
E. All real numbers

11. Which of the following is equivalent to image?

F. -1
G. image
H. image
J. image
K. image

12. One square inch on the average pizza contains 50 calories. Alex bakes a 12″ diameter pizza and cuts it into 8 equal slices. If his dad eats 3 slices and Alex only eats 2, approximately how many more calories did Alex's dad eat than he did?

A. 100
B. 700
C. 1,400
D. 2,100
E. 2,200

13. Given tan(θ) = v where 0° ≤ θ ≤ 90°, which of the following could be an expression for cos (θ)?

F. image
G. image
H. image
J. image
K. image

14. Lisa, Carl, Max, Jenny, and Andy go to watch a movie and all sit next to each other in the same aisle. Andy must sit at either end of the group, but everyone else can sit anywhere within the group. How many possible seating arrangements are there?

A. 15
B. 48
C. 56
D. 92
E. 120

15. In the standard (x, y) coordinate plane, points (m, n) and (m - 2, n + image) lie on the graph of the equation image, where T > 1. What is the value of g?

F. -3
G. image
H. 1
J. image
K. image