ACT math practice test 56

1. The average of 5 numbers is 7. If each of the numbers is decreased by 4, what is the average of the 5 new numbers?

F. 0
G. 1
H. 2
J. 3
K. 7

2. Julie works in a clothing store and gets a base salary of $48.00 plus a fixed amount for each item she sells per day. Yesterday she earned $68.00 because she sold 4 items. If Julie sells 3 more items today than yesterday, what will she earn for the day?

A. $51.00
B. $55.00
C. $63.00
D. $78.00
E. $83.00

3. If image, what is the largest possible value for x?

F. image
G. 1.5
H. 10
J. 24
K. 36

4. Starting at midnight, how many degrees has the hour hand of a clock moved when it gets to 8:00 A.M.?

A. 80°
B. 100°
C. 120°
D. 240°
E. 270°

5. An airplane has R rows of seats with (S + d) seats in each row. Which of the following is an expression for the number of seats in the entire airplane?

F. (R o S) + d
G. (R o S) + (R o d)
H. S + (R o d)
J. R o S o d
K. R + S + d

6. Which nonnegative value of x makes the expression image undefined?

A. 256
B. 32
C. 16
D. 8
E. 4

7. A punch recipe calls for 3 parts fruit juice to 2 parts soda. In order to make 20 quarts of punch, how many quarts of fruit juice should be used?

F. 12
G. 9
H. 8
J. 6
K. 4

8. A line contains the points E, F, G, and h. Point f is between points e and G. Point h is between points g and f. Which of the following inequalities must be true about the lengths of these segments?

A. FG < EF
B. GH < FG
C. FH < GH
D. GH < EF
E. FH < EF

9. What is the volume, in cubic centimeters, of a cone with a height of 9 centimeters and a base with a radius of 4 centimeters? (The volume of a cone is image, where R is the radius of the base of the cone and h is the height of the cone.)

F. 144π
G. 72π
H. 48π
J. 16π
K. 9π

10. One endpoint of a diameter of a circle with center (3, -4) has coordinates (5, -3) in the standard (x, y) plane. What are the coordinates of the other endpoint of that diameter?

A. (1, -5)
B. (1, 2)
C. (-1, 5)
D. (3 + image, -3 + image)
E. (3 - image, -3 - image)

11. At an airport, the planes take off from two airfields. One of the fields is capable of sending up a plane every 4 minutes. The other field is capable of sending up 5 planes every 10 minutes. At these rates, which of the following is the best estimate of the total number of minutes the two airfields would need to send up 15 planes?

F. 10
G. 12
H. 15
J. 18
K. 20

12. Which of the following expressions represents the product xy, if x = 4a3 and y = -3a5 + b?

A. a3 + b
B. a5 + b
C. -12a8 + 4a3b
D. -12a15 + 4a3b
E. -243a15 + 4a3b

13. Ann is wrapping a gift for her friend's shower. She wants to cut ribbon so that she can place it on the gift like the picture below. What is the minimum length of the ribbon, in centimeters, that Ann would need to cut in order to wrap the box, assuming no overlap?


F. 52
G. 104
H. 120
J. 128
K. 3,072

14. For all nonzero x and y, image?

A. image
B. image
C. -18x-2
D. -18x-2y
E. -18x2y2

15. What is the area in centimeters of the polygon below?


F. 30
G. 32.5
H. 35
J. 42
K. 46.5