ACT math practice test 60

1. Graeme is going to replace his kitchen floor that is 12 feet by 16 feet. He will use tiles that are 8 inches by 8 inches. How many tiles will Graeme need?

F. 3
G. 24
H. 36
J. 360
K. 432

2. Five patients arrived at a doctor's office about the same time. The nurse decided to call them in to see the doctor in random order. In how many different orders can these 5 patients be called?

A. 4
B. 5
C. 25
D. 120
E. 3,125

3. What is the y-intercept of the line in the standard (x, y) coordinate plane that goes through the points (-3, 2) and (3, 6)?

F. 0
G. 2
H. 4
J. 6
K. 8

4. In the diagram, image is parallel to image. The measure of imagePCD = 37° and the measure of imageBPD is 40°. What is the measure of imageCPD?


A. 100°
B. 103°
C. 106°
D. 140°
E. CANNOT be determined.

5. What is the slope of the line 2x - 3y + 7 = 0?

F. image
G. image
H. image
J. image
K. 2

6. In ΔPQR, shown, what is the cos imageR?


A. image
B. image
C. image
D. image
E. image

7. If x ≠ -2 or 3, what is image equivalent to?

F. -2
G. 2
H. image
J. image
K. 0

8. In a certain year, Lincoln Middle School had an enrollment of exactly 1,000 students. The following year, the enrollment increased by 5%. In the third year, the enrollment decreased by 2% of what the enrollment was in the second year. What was the enrollment for the third year?

A. 1,030
B. 1,029
C. 990
D. 980
E. 971

9. Zinc, tin, and copper are used in the ratio of 2:3:4, respectively, in making a certain type of engine. If each engine weighs 63 ounces, how many ounces of tin are in each engine?

F. 7
G. 9
H. 14
J. 21
K. 28

10. Driving home from school Joan spotted her brother Andrew and picked him up after he'd walked image of the way home. A while later they saw younger brother Bill and picked him up after he'd walked image of the way home from the same school. If they live image miles from school, how many miles farther than Andrew had Bill walked?

A. image
B. image
C. image
D. image
E. image

11. What positive value of k would make the lines below parallel in the (x, y) coordinate plane?
kx + 2y = 6
32x + ky = 18

F. 0
G. 3
H. 6
J. 8
K. 12

12. In the standard (x, y) coordinate plane what is the distance between the points (-2, 1) and (4, -7)?

A. image
B. image
C. image
D. 10
E. 14

13. In the diagram, circle P is inscribed in square ABCD. If the area of square ABCD is 36 square feet, then what is the area of circle P in square feet?


F. 9π
G. 12π
H. 36π
J. 324π
K. 1,296π

14. What are the solutions of the polynomial equation 2x2 - 5x = 12?

A. -4 or 1.5
B. -4 or -3
C. -1.5 or 4
D. 1.5 or 4
E. 4 or 6

15. For what positive values of x is it true that x2 < 2x < x + 4?

F. No positive values
G. Only positive values < 2
H. Only positive values between 2 and 4
J. Only positive values > 4
K. All positive values