ACT Math Practice Questions: Part A

1. The lowest temperature on a winter morning was -7°F. Later the same day the temperature reached a high of 21°F. By how many degrees Fahrenheit did the temperature increase?

A. 32
B. 28
C. 21
D. 14
E. 7

2. Disregarding sales tax, how much will you save when you buy a $12.00 video that is on sale for 20% off?

F. $0.24
G. $0.48
H. $1.20
J. $2.40
K. $3.60

3. As part of a school report on the cost of gasoline, Raquel wants to find the average cost of purchasing a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline from local gas stations. She surveys 4 stations and finds the cost per gallon of regular unleaded gas from the 4 stations to be $2.45, $2.50, $2.49, and $2.56, respectively. Using this data, what is the average cost of purchasing one gallon of regular unleaded gasoline from these 4 gas stations?

A. $2.55
B. $2.53
C. $2.50
D. $2.49
E. $2.45

4. What is the volume, in cubic inches, of a cube whose edges each measure 5 inches in length?

F. 15
G. 25
H. 50
J. 125
K. 500

5. If 3(a - 6) = -21, then a = ?

A. -9
C. -1
E. 5

6. The price of a cantaloupe is directly proportional to its weight. If a cantaloupe that weighs 3.0 pounds costs $3.87, approximately how much will a 2.25-pound cantaloupe cost?

F. $2.90
G. $2.65
H. $2.25
J. $1.87
K. $1.29

7. In the figure below, D is a point on segment AB, and the segment CD is perpendicular to the segment AB. Based on this information, which of the following conclusions can be made?

A. Point C is equidistant from A to B.
B. Segments AD and DB are equal in length.
C. The segment CD bisects the segment AB.
D. Angle CDA is larger than angle CDB.
E. Angle CDA is congruent to angle CDB.

8. If 6x - 5 = 3x - 16, then x = ?

F. -11
G. -7
K. 7

9. Which of the following is always equal to y(3 - y) + 5(y - 7)?

A. 8y - 35
B. 8y - 7
C. -y2 + 8y - 7
D. -y2 + 8y - 35
E. 8y3 - 35

10. The figure below shows part of a circle whose circumference is 40. If arcs of length 4 and length s continue to alternate around the entire circle so that there are 8 arcs of each length, what is the degree measure of each of the arcs of length s?

F. 6°
G. 9°
H. 12°
J. 18°
K. 36°

11. In a poll, 44 people were in favor of constructing a new high school, 58 were against it, and 8 people had no opinion. What fraction of those people polled were in favor of constructing a new high school?


12. On the line segment below, the ratio of lengths AB to BC is 1:4. What is the ratio of AB to AC?

F. 1:5
G. 1:4
H. 1:3
J. 5:1
K. Cannot be determined from the given information

13. If a board 9 feet 6 inches in length is cut into 2 equal parts, what will be the length of each part?

A. 3 feet 8 inches
B. 4 feet 5 inches
C. 4 feet 8 inches
D. 4 feet 9 inches
E. 5 feet 2 inches

14. The speed of a car exceeds twice the speed of a truck by 15 mph. If t is the speed of the truck, which of the following expresses the speed, in miles per hour, of the car?

F. t + 15
G. t + 30
H. t - 30
J. 2t + 15
K. 2t + 30

15. The circle shown below has a radius of 5 meters, and the length of chord XY is 8 meters. If C marks the center of the circle, what is the length, in meters, of segment CZ?

B. 3
D. 5
E. 9