ACT Reading Practice Test 63: Prose Fiction

DIRECTIONS: Each passage is followed by several questions. After reading a passage, choose the best answer to each question and fill in the corresponding oval on your answer document. You may refer to the passages as often as necessary.

1. When Clover says "She was rather wedded to them," (line 65) she is expressing her belief that:

A. Cecy was married when she wore pink roses.
B. Cecy's husband presented her with pink roses on their wedding day.
C. Cecy seemed to have a sentimental attachment to pink roses.
D. Cecy believed that pink roses must only be worn at one's wedding.

2. It can be reasonably inferred from the context of the passage that Cecy is:

F. a sister of Clover and Elsie.
G. a dear friend of Clover.
H. a middle-aged acquaintance of the Carr family.
J. approximately the same age as Elsie.

3. The fact that Clover is preparing to attend a milestone event can best be exemplified by which of the following quotations from the passage?

A. I always said that my first party dress should be plain white.
B. with no particular one moment which could be fixed upon as having been the climax of the joyful event.
C. Oh, Clover, what sort of a dress do you think I shall have when I grow up and go to parties and things?
D. and was proud to be permitted to hem ruffles for the dress in which she was to burst upon the world.

4. As it is used in Paragraph 3, the phrase "the eyes, always Clover's chief beauty, had still that pathetic look" most nearly means that:

F. Clover was beautiful with the exception of her pitiable eyes.
G. Clover's eyes aroused a feeling of compassion.
H. people often felt sorry for Clover when they looked into her eyes.
J. Clover had pretty eyes but very poor vision.

5. According to the passage, before Cecy became a lawyer's wife she had intended to devote her life to:

A. making evening dresses.
B. designing furniture.
C. performing good deeds.
D. writing novels.

6. The passage makes it clear that Clover and Elsie:

F. rarely have the chance to spend time together.
G. often avoid spending time with Cecy.
H. take pleasure in each other's company.
J. are completely independent of their parents.

7. In the third paragraph (lines 16–27) the appearance of Clover's arms is compared to:

A. those of a pretty maiden.
B. those of a baby.
C. a wedding dress.
D. those of her sister Elsie.

8. Details in the passage suggest that Clover:

F. is aware of how beautiful the townspeople perceive her to be.
G. is about to get married to Johnnie.
H. is jealous of her friend Cecy's wedding clothes.
J. did not want to use the flowers that Cecy recommended.

9. The passage indicates that Elsie's feelings towards Clover can best be described as:

A. admiring.
B. objective.
C. malevolent.
D. predictable.

10. It can be reasonably inferred from the last paragraph of the passage that:

F. Clover and Elsie are very close in age.
G. Elsie is more interested in the dress than Clover is.
H. Clover and Elsie needed to hurry to finish sewing the skirt.
J. Elsie values the opinions of her sister.