December 2015 ACT writing essay prompt

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ACT Writing Test Prompt

December 2015

Tech-Free Time

People today are almost never free from their electronic devices. They constantly monitor their phones, exchange texts and photo, mind their social media pages, work on their laptops and tablets, watch videos, play online games, and engage in countless other plugged-in pursuits. But a growing number of people are beginning to question this practice. They believe that an overdependence on electronic devices is harmful to their health, their relationships, and perhaps their humanity. Accordingly, they adopt and recommend deliberate "tech-free time" during which they avoid the use of the technologies so prevalent in the world around them. Given the predominance of digital technologies in our daily lives, it is worth considering whether some self-imposed tech-free time might have value.

Read and carefully consider these perspectives. Each suggests a particular way of thinking about the value of tech-free time.

Perspective one

Being connected to technology is what defines us as modern people. There is no point in pretending that we do not depend on and enjoy our digital world.

Perspective two

Some tech-free time is essential for restoring us to our true selves. Our devices keep us from experiencing and appreciating the real world around us.

Perspective three

Most people cannot stay away from their digital devices even if they want to. Either their livelihoods of family relationships depend on being constantly connected, or else they are simply addicted to their devices and cannot break free.

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