ACT english practice test 8

DIRECTIONS: In the passages that follow, certain words and phrases are underlined and numbered. In the right-hand column, you will find alternatives for the underlined part. In most cases, you are to choose the one that best expresses the idea, makes the statement appropriate for standard written English, or is worded most consistently with the style and tone of the passage as a whole. If you think the original version is best, choose “NO CHANGE.” In some cases, you will find in the right-hand column a question about the underlined part. You are to choose the best answer to the question.

You will also find questions about a section of the passage, or about the passage as a whole. These questions do not refer to an underlined portion of the passage, but rather are identified by a number or numbers in a box.

For each question, choose the alternative you consider best and fill in the corresponding oval on your answer document. Read each passage through once before you begin to answer the questions that accompany it. For many of the questions, you must read several sentences beyond the question to determine the answer. Be sure that you have read far enough ahead each time you choose an alternative.

The Language of Cats

Many people believe that language is the domain of human beings. However, cats have developed an intricate language31 not for each other, but for the human beings who have adopted them as pets.32

When communicating with each other, cats' "talk" is a complex system of nonverbal signals.33 In particular, their tails, rather than any kind of "speech," provide34 cats' chief means of expression. They also use physical contact to express their feelings. With other cats, cats will use their voices only to express pain.

Next, incredibly,36 all of that changes when a human walks into the room. Cats use a wide range of vocal expressions when they communicate with a person, from affectionate meows to menacing hisses. Since cats verbal expressions37 are not used to communicate with other cats, it is logical and reasonable38 to conclude that cats developed this "language" expressly to communicate with their human owners.

This fact is demonstrated more clear since39 observing households that have only one cat. An only cat is usually very vocal, since the only creature around with whom the cat can communicate is its owner. Cats with other feline companions, though, are much quieter. If they want to have a conversation, they need only go to their fellow cats and communicate in their natural way.

Since cats learned to meow for the sole purpose of communicating with human beings, owners should take the time to learn what their different meows mean. If an owner knows, to41 name just a few examples, which meow means the cat is hungry, which means the cat wants to be petted, and which means the cat wants to have a little "conversation," the bond between cat and owner will grow deeper. Certainly, after a time, owners will see that communicating with their pets, not just cats, is every bit as important to forging good relationships as to communicate43 with other humans. Once, as an owner, you know that the cat is not just making senseless noises without any rhyme or reason44 but is making an attempt to communicate, you can make an effort to communicate back. After all, your cat isn't meowing just for the sake of making noise; however, cats are less communicative than many other animals.45


B. developed, an intricate language
C. developed an intricate language,
D. developed; an intricate language

32. Which choice would most clearly and effectively express the ownership relationship between humans and cats?

G. like to have cats around.
H. often have dogs as well.
J. are naturally inclined to like cats.


B. a complicated system of nonverbal signals is used by cats to "talk."
C. cats "talk" with a complex system of nonverbal signals.
D. talking is done by them with a system of complex nonverbal signals.


G. having provided
H. has provided
J. were provided by

35. If the preceding sentence were deleted, the essay would primarily lose:

A. a redundant point made elsewhere in the essay.
B. another description of the ways in which cats communicate nonverbally.
C. an exception to the general trend described in this paragraph.
D. a brief summary of the information contained in the essay up to this point.


G. (Do NOT begin new paragraph) Incredibly,
H. (Begin new paragraph) Next incredibly,
J. (Begin new paragraph) Incredibly,


B. cat's verbal expressions
C. cats' verbal expressions
D. cats verbal expressions,


G. logical and well-reasoned
H. logical to a startling degree
J. logical


B. clear when
C. clearly since
D. clearly when

40. At this point, the writer is considering adding the following true statement:

On the other hand, the natural way for most birds to communicate is vocally, by way of the "bird song."

Should the writer add this sentence here?

F. Yes, because it shows that cats are truly unique in communicating nonverbally.
G. Yes, because it adds a relevant and enlightening detail about another animal.
H. No, because it basically repeats information given earlier in the essay.
J. No, because it does not contribute to the development of this paragraph and the essay as a whole.


B. knows, to,
C. knows to,
D. knows to

42. If the writer wanted to emphasize that cats communicate vocally with their owners to express a large number of different emotions in addition to those listed in the previous sentence, which of the following true statements should be added at this point?

F. Many animals communicate hunger similarly to cats.
G. Cats will tell their owners when they feel pain, sadness, irritation, or love.
H. Cats communicate these emotions differently to other cats.
J. Humans have the easiest time communicating with other mammals.


B. as being communicative
C. as communicating
D. through communicating


G. making senseless noises
H. senselessly making noises with no thought involved
J. making senseless noises, having no idea what they mean,

45. Which choice would best summarize the main point the essay makes about cats' communication with their human owners?

B. rather, there's a good chance your cat is trying to tell you something.
C. instead, your cat is probably trying to communicate with other cats by meowing.
D. on the other hand, it is better to have more than one cat so they can undergo a natural development.