ACT english practice test 60

DIRECTIONS: In the passages that follow, certain words and phrases are underlined and numbered. In the right-hand column, you will find alternatives for the underlined part. In most cases, you are to choose the one that best expresses the idea, makes the statement appropriate for standard written English, or is worded most consistently with the style and tone of the passage as a whole. If you think the original version is best, choose “NO CHANGE.” In some cases, you will find in the right-hand column a question about the underlined part. You are to choose the best answer to the question.

You will also find questions about a section of the passage, or about the passage as a whole. These questions do not refer to an underlined portion of the passage, but rather are identified by a number or numbers in a box.

For each question, choose the alternative you consider best and fill in the corresponding oval on your answer document. Read each passage through once before you begin to answer the questions that accompany it. For many of the questions, you must read several sentences beyond the question to determine the answer. Be sure that you have read far enough ahead each time you choose an alternative.

The Other Golf


All my life, I’ve been terrible at sports. I couldn’t hit a baseball to save my life, or sink a basketball either, and I don’t even want to talk about football. I used to think I’d never be able to experience the joy that more athletically gifted people derive from a sunny Sunday spent out on their field of choice. image All that changed when I went to college and learned about disc golf, and now I finally have an answer when someone asks me what one of my favorite sports image


Affectionately known as a “non-sport”—that is, a sport for people who don’t like image disc golf is very similar to regular golf, but instead of hitting balls with a club, players throw weighted flying discs at basketlike targets. Just like in traditional “ball golf,” you start from a tee, and the object is to get your disc in the hole in the fewest number of shots. Disc-golf courses are similar to those of traditional golf in that image normally have 18 holes, some of which are harder than image unique combinations of traditional golf obstacles like trees, bushes, and ponds.


Disc golf is sometimes mistakenly image “Frisbee golf,” but the discs used are actually very different from Frisbees: they’re weighted and have tapered edges, and so can be thrown much greater accuracy. image There are even different kinds of discs, designed for different types of shots: drivers for distance, putters to land safely in the basket, and “trick” discs that curve to get around obstacles.


Despite the game’s “non-sport” reputation, image it takes skill and practice to get good at throwing a disc accurately. The image have obviously spent a lot of time getting good enough image those amazing shots image Most people who play disc golf are so laid-back that the game is more about being pleasantly surprised image you make a good shot than embarrassed when you make a bad one.


Although such a claim is hard to prove, disc golf is commonly referred to as the fastest-growing sport in the world. imageimage
Most of them are located in public parks and are free to play on. The discs can be found at almost any sporting-goods store, and a quick Internet search will image you about courses in your area. So if image someone who thought you’d never be good at sports, what are you waiting for?


B. is
C. were
D. have been


G. sports,
H. sports;
J. sports—


B. courses’
C. courses’s
D. courses

34. Which of the following alternatives to the underlined portion would NOT be acceptable?

F. others, and all have
G. others; all have
H. others; all with
J. others, and all of which have


B. referred, to as
C. referred to, as
D. referred to as,

36. At this point, the author is thinking of adding the following true statement: True Frisbees were invented much earlier, in 1957.

Should the writer make this addition here?

F. Yes, because it emphasizes the degree to which times have changed since the days of Frisbees.
G. Yes, because the information is crucial to an understanding of the evolution of disc golf.
H. No, because the sentence does not explain what qualifies as a “true” Frisbee.
J. No, because it is of little relevance to this paragraph and stalls its development.


B. although
C. therefore
D. DELETE the underlined portion.


G. people who play in professional disc-golf tournaments
H. people, who play in professional disc-golf tournaments
J. people who play in professional disc-golf tournaments,


B. they made
C. to make
D. at making

40. Which choice provides the most logical and effective transition to the rest of this paragraph?

G. There are videos on YouTube of people making the craziest shots you’ve ever seen!
H. But it doesn’t take much time at all to become good enough to have fun with your friends.
J. The biggest teams tournament is held every year in Austin, Texas.


B. when
C. before
D. whereas

42. Given that all the choices are true, which one provides the best support for the statement in the preceding sentence?

G. Before disc golf got so popular, people used to say the same thing about kickboxing.
H. Designing a disc-golf course doesn’t exactly take a rocket scientist.
J. There was even an episode of Seinfeld where George plays disc golf.


B. learn
C. inform
D. demonstrate to


G. your
H. one is
J. you’re

45. Question below asks about the preceding passage as a whole.

While reviewing notes for this essay, the writer comes across some information and incorporates it into the following sentence:

The “two-meter rule” dictates that a disc stuck in a tree more than this high off the ground is a one-stroke penalty.

If the writer were to include this sentence in the essay, the most logical place to add it would be after the last sentence in paragraph:

A. 2
B. 3
C. 4
D. 5