ACT Vocabulary List part 8

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Tenet: a belief that is held to be true by a certain group

Terrestrial: relating to dry land as opposed to water; relating to the Earth as opposed to other planets

Territorial: the protective behavior that is displayed when an animal is defending its area

Thermal degradation: a process of combustion where materials in a fuel are broken down into several by-products

Thermosphere: the outermost layer of the atmosphere

Toxins: poisons

Transcend: to go above and beyond; to rise above

Translucent: allowing light to pass through but clouded or frosted in such a way that objects on the other side are not clearly visible; often confused with transparent, which means "clear"

Transversal: a line that cuts through two or more lines

Trapezoid: a quadrilateral (a figure with four sides) with only two parallel lines

Treason: a betrayal of loyalty

Triannual: lasting three years or occurring every three years

Tropical area: an area near the equator that has a frost-free climate with high temperatures that can support year-round vegetation

Troposphere: the lowest part of the Earth's atmosphere

Tyranny: absolute power exercised by an oppressive ruler


Ultraviolet: situated beyond the visible spectrum

Unemotional: devoid of sentiment or emotion

Uniform: (adj.) continuing to be the same or consistent; (n.) identical clothing worn by members of a certain group

Unilaterally: related to or occurring on one side only

Unparalleled: without an equal or comparison

Unprecedented: having no previous example

Unsolicited: unwanted


Vapor pressure: the pressure exerted by the molecules of a vapor

Vaporize: to change into a cloud of diffused matter

Various: of differing kinds

Velocity: speed of motion

Vertical migrators: marine species that travel toward the surface of the ocean to feed

Vertices: the plural form of vertex, which is a point of intersection

Vindication: the act of clearing someone or something from blame

Virtually: in almost all instances; simulated as by a computer

Virus: organism that causes infection

Viscosity: a fluid's resistance to flow

Visionary: (adj.) characterized by dreams or illusions; (n.) a person with vision or foresight

Voltage: a measure of the energy of an electric current


Wavelength: the distance between repeating peaks or crests of waves

x-intercept: the point where a line on a graph crosses the x-axis

y-intercept: the point where a line on a graph crosses the y-axis

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