Guessing on taking ACT test

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Because there is no added scoring penalty for incorrect answers on the ACT, you should never leave a bubble blank on your answer sheet. We counted all of the correct answers on three recent, released ACT exams. We found that the distribution of answers by position on the answer sheet was almost exactly even. This means that there is no position that is more likely to be correct than any other. We use the term ''position'' when referring to the answer sheet because the letter assigned to the positions change depending on whether you are working on an odd or even question. The odd-numbered questions have answer choices labeled A through D (or A through E on the Mathematics Test), and the even-numbered questions have answer choices that are labeled F through J (or F through K on the Mathematics Test). This system allows you to stay on track on your answer sheet. Since the answers are distributed fairly evenly across the positions, you should always guess the same position if you are guessing at random. Of course, if you can eliminate a choice or two, or if you have a hunch, then this advice doesn't apply.

Note:Some students worry if they notice long strings of same-position answers on their answer sheets. This arrangement does not necessarily indicate a problem. In analyzing actual, released ACT exams, we counted strings of up to six questions long, whose correct answers were in the same position on the answer sheet.

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