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December 2015 ACT Writing Sample essay

Today is the best-worst time for human, because they enjoy their electronic devices like cell-phones and iPad. The progress of science and technology make them different from the tech-free times. While some of people hold their opinion that they don't want to use computer or modern devices. Tech-free time adopt and recommend people avoid the use of the technologies so prevalent in the world around them. But I think that we need technology, and we should deepen on those devices to make our life more enjoyable.

Our livelihoods can not be separated from electronic devices and technology equipment. The technology impact our social development a lot, and it gives us a lot of ways to enjoy our life. As perspective one's statement, we should rely on and enjoy the technology in modern society. Take the information technology for an example. By using websites like Baidu, Bing or Google, people can quickly have access to up-to date information regarding any area of human knowledge. In these pages, it contains a lot of useful information and resources about life skills, work documents, and study reference. Through the use of information technology, we not only enrich the knowledge, but also facilitate our daily life and bring us more news. So the new technology is good for us, if we back to the tech-free time, we will lose a lot of quickly access to the latest information.

One of the most important devices of technology is communication technology. It is a good way that we can maintain our human relationships. For example, communication technology like smart phones and video-chatting make it possible for people to keep in contact on a global scale. It helps us to care our families and friends more convenient and frequent when we are in different place. Also the social media service like Wechat, Facebook, Line make people to be enthusiastic about connecting with each other and expressing their mind in every times and places. Instead of face-to-face communication, internet and online tools changes our view about communicating. Unfortunately, It is a prevailing phenomenon that new technology develops so fast, most people become rude and lose their humanity. But there is nothing to do with technology whenever the human relationship is tight or loosened, because of the generation gap or different personality.

Of course, some tech free time is essential for restoring us to our true selves, but our society will be back and can not withstand the pressure of human development when doing so. So I think this view is one-sided. The perspective two suggests us to return to the original life sounds certainly good, also it evaluate the advantages that we can live in a true world. Most importantly, it ignores the possibility and creativity that technology can give us. For example, transportation like air planes, trains and cars change our life a lot. In the past, it is difficult for us to travel from the US to China without any vehicles. Besides, because of the long distance, it causes our culture have no communication. As the result of this, we need to develop and travel to other countries for communicating. Then vehicles appeared and it changes our view about transporting. The technology isn't the reason why it keep us from experiencing and appreciating the real world around, maybe the pressure of his work and life that he doesn't have anytime to think our true selves.

To sum up, we compare with the tech time and tech-free time in such a world, the tech time have more advantages than tech-free time. Also, every children, students, workers, customers can benefit from the new world which rely on the development of technology.

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