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Sample prompt: Unjust Laws

Unjust laws are part of our legal systems. They can restrict our freedom and violate our privacy. People often question themselves whether they should obey those laws. Martin Luther King Jr famously called upon people to oppose the laws that were racially discriminatory and morally wrong. But how do we, as private citizens seeking justice, approach these unjust laws? What is the best way to act in order to ensure that the harms of these laws are minimized and that they are eventually repealed - without bringing harm on oneself or those for whom one cares? These are questions worth examining both historically and in our modern society.

Perspective One

People have rights to break the laws when the laws are unjust or immoral.

Perspective Two

Breaking the law should not be encouraged even if the laws themselves are problematic, because such action would result in chaos.

Perspective Three

Even if the laws are bad, people have reason to comply with them and seek other ways for change. To defy the laws openly would only bring danger and harm on themselves.

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