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Creativity is different from the word discovery. When we discover something, it means that we find something originally exist but might be ignored on the earth. The course of discovery can merely help us review the past and regain a sense of our ancestors while creativity plays the key role of deciding what our future will be like. We cannot deny the fact that each extraordinary progress we have made in history was inseparable from what we have created. Also, there are other factors which are essential in shaping our current lifestyles. As far as I am concerned, the role of creativity in life should neither be overrated nor ignored. We should view the role of creativity from a rational perspective.

Technology has advanced at a breathless pace. The reason why we can move forward so fast is that our pace of creativity has been accelerated, which is both in accordance with the requirements from the modern era and equipped for the fast speed in information society. This is in agreement with perspective two which indicates that creativity appears increasingly significant and inseparable from the moment. For instance, in the early of the nineteenth century when telephone had not been invented, people could not communicate with each other as easily as today. At that time, they usually used traditional ways to convey messages such as writing letters or even asking a person to send the news by word of mouth. Such ways of communication were overly dependent on people and the outside that making error was inevitable and even a torrential rain could destroy everything! However, in the middle of the twentieth century, Bell invented telephone thus totally changing the way we connect with each other and upgrading the speed and accuracy of communication. Then as the first computer came out, we human beings stepped into the information era, not only everyone has been provided with more convenient and accurate ways to transmit information but the relevant vehicles we use have changed at all. Although without creativity, remarkable changes cannot be seen in history, the negative effects accompanied by the course of creativity are also ineligible.

Sometimes we have put too much emphasis on the role of creativity and in the meanwhile the role of history and tradition have been depreciated in an irrational manner. From this perspective, I approve of the argument in perspective one. From the earliest times to the present day, those who have made creative contributions to the world were all well-educated people. What's more, their creativity were on the basis of tradition or history. Just take the Wright brothers as an example. If they did not know the basic principles of aerodynamics, how could they conceive the design of the first successful motor-powered plane? Their invention was based upon carefully observations and countless attempts which were all the inevitable courses to success instead of just creativity. Creativity is not enough.

Last but not least, since creativity is not a set definition and cannot be measured, we should be sensible about the role of creativity. This is partly in agreement with perspective three. Without creativity, social changes cannot be made dramatically. However, creativity is not a decisive factor in human progress because it happens occasionally and is born in experience and trials. If researchers blindly stress creativity and ignore the importance of repeated experimentations and observations, they are still unable to make significant inventions. We should strike a balance between creativity and basis.

To sum up, though the role of creativity is of great importance, we should not hang too much on it.

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