June 2016 ACT writing essay prompt

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June 2016 ACT writing essay prompt

Latest and Greatest

In the past, people who made major purchases expected their item to last. These days, however, the trend seems to have reversed. Clothing, mobile devices, automobiles-many consumer goods are regularly updated, upgraded, or redesigned, and people rush to purchase the newest models, whether or not they represent clear improvements over the old. It is worth considering what such a strong emphasis on "newness" might indicate about our contemporary cultural values.

Read and carefully consider these perspectives. Each suggests a particular way of thinking about what our preference for new things indicates about our cultural values.

Perspective 1

As a culture, we value innovation. We encourage and support new and improved products because they make our personal lives better and keep our society from stagnating.

Perspective 2

Our greatest desire for the "the latest and greatest" represents a dangerous cultural mindset: everything is disposable; little is cherished or made to last.

Perspective 3

"Newness" is no new concern. Every generation has wanted new things; technological advancements and product redesigns just happen much faster these days.

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